1. How long will my helium balloons last?

A standard 30cm helium latex balloon will last approx. 12hrs before it goes down. We can make it last a minimum of 3 days by adding what's called hi-float to the balloon. Hi-float seals the helium inside the balloon so the helium can't leak out as quickly. Foil balloons should last around 2 weeks before they start deflating. Did you know foil balloons are also reusable? Once a foil balloon has been deflated it can be re-blown up again! 

2. How long will my air balloon displays last?

Air particles are much larger than helium therefore it takes longer for air to escape from a latex or foil balloon! We guarantee you will have your air displays for 3 days but normally they can last 2 weeks or more!

3. What's the best way to look after my balloons?

Temperature wise wherever you are comfortable, the balloons will be too! If it's too hot the balloons will expand and pop and if it's too cold the helium or air will leak out of the balloon much quicker! If you collect your balloons from our balloon studio we will place your order in a large plastic bag so the balloons are easier to transport! We recommend taking the balloons out of the bag asap as the lack of oxygen inside the bags makes the air and helium leak out quite quickly! 

4. Do you do delivery?

We certainly do! We charge $20 to deliver most balloon orders in the Bendigo region. Most of our balloon installations and party prop hire prices on this website include delivery already!

5. Can you change the theme of a balloon bouquet/design to a different theme? e.g. Baby shower décor into 21st décor. 

Yes we certainly can! Anything you see on our website can be altered to suit your event!

5. Do you offer more than just what's on your website?

Yes we do! We will continuously keep adding new products but in the meantime if you have a photo or an idea of something you'd like done please contact us on Facebook or at 99luftbendigo@gmail.com for free quotes! 

6. Are your balloons environmentally friendly?

Our latex balloons are biodegradable. Water greatly slows the degradation process, therefore here at 99 Luft we oppose the release of helium balloons into the atmosphere and oceans! Pin it and bin it! Please use balloons responsibly.